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bottle up and explode!

seeing the stars surrounding you

3 March
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you my love are allowed to forget about the christmas you just spent stressed out in your parents house

you my love are allowed to shed the weight of all the years before like bad disco clothes, save them for a night of dancing, stoned with you lover

you my love are allowed to let yourself drown every night in bottomless wild and naked symbolic dreams

you my love in sleep can unlock your youth and your most terrifying magic and dreaming is for the courageous

you my love are allowed to grab my guitar and sing me idiot love songs if
you lost your ability to speak, keep it down to two minutes

you my love are allowed to rot and to die and to live again more alive and incandescent than before

you my love are allowed to beat the shit out of your television, choke it's thoughts and corrupt its mind kill kill kill kill the motherfucker before the song of zombiefied pain and panic and malaise and its narrow right winged vision and its cheap commercial gang rate becomes the white noise of the world (turn about is fair play)

you my love are allowed to forgive and love your television

you my love are allowed to speak in kisses to those around you and those up in heaven

you my love are allowed to show your babies how to dance full bodied, starry eyed, audacious, supernatural and glorified

you my love are allowed to suck in every single endeavor

you my love are allowed to be soaked like a lovers blanket in the New York summertime with the wonder of your own special gift

you my love are allowed to receive praise

you my love are allowed to have time

you my love are allowed to understand

you my love are allowed to love

woman disobey

little man believe

you my love are a rebellion

-Jeff Buckley "New Year's Eve Prayer"
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